TEMS Background

Recognizing the dangerous conditions and the conduciveness for injury during a tactical police deployment, an agreement for the provision of on-scene medical care was adopted by Washington County EMS and the Brenham Police Department for Tactical Paramedic Deployment as functional team members of the Brenham PD SWAT Team. The Washington County EMS Tactical Medic Team was the second addition to the departments special operations division. Just as military operations units include a medical contingent into its operational plans, this agreement incorporates specially trained Paramedics into the BPD’s tactical operations. The agreement is not limited to just tactical operations it includes such covert operations as meth-labs.  Since the beginning of the Tactical Medic Team, the department has sent 9 employees to the intense CONTOMS or equivalent training in various states including Georgia, West Virginia, Texas, and Washington D.C. Currently there are 7 active members of the team.


It is agreed that WCEMS will provide medical support for the BPD’s Emergency Response Team in the form of paramedics and necessary on – scene medical  equipment. WCEMS will further provide technical training and safety equipment to assigned paramedics such as ballistic vests and other necessary equipment. BPD will provide co-department training as deemed necessary.

The paramedics involved in this program are all full-time employees of WCEMS and have been selected by WCEMS Command Staff and the Special Operations Lieutenant. Only paramedics completing the federal Counter Narcotics Tactical Operations Medical Support program sponsored by the Department of Defense or a “State Approved” Tactical Medic Program course may participate. Participation in this program is voluntary and the paramedic remains an employee of WCEMS and is compensated by Washington County during actual call-outs.


  • Enhance mission accomplishment.

  • Reduce death, injury, and illness among officers, innocents, and suspects.

  • Reduce line of injury and disability, cost to the City of Brenham.

  • Provide highly trained and motivated paramedics to support BPD SWAT Operations.