Operational Goal

The goal of the Washington County EMS Special Operations paramedic is to provide the highest quality medical rescue service to patients in extraordinary situations and challenging environments, regardless of the circumstances.

The primary role of the rescue paramedic will be rapid deployment (normally within 5 minutes of arriving on – scene) and begin immediate Advanced Life Support care to the injured victims. The LRO division is an extremely challenging arena of skills. The division has partnered with some of best skilled technicians in the state to assure divisional competency.  The department also host regional training at their technical rescue training facility. Recently the Special Operations Division of Austin/Travis County EMS taught confined space rescue.  The facility has allowed training that would otherwise not be in the region to be held here in Washington County.

Rescue Medic Qualifications

  • Completion of WCEMS SPECOPS Orientation training program by the SPECOPS Lieutenant.

  • Maintain Special Operations P.T. standards.

  • Successful Completions of Rescue Clearance To Practice (RCTP) evaluations.

  • Operational level knowledge and competency as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1670 and 1006

  • Hazmat

Technician level knowledge and competency as outlined by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1670 and 1006

  • Rope

  • Search & Rescue

Special Operations Rescue Paramedic Prerequisites

Washington County EMS current Clearance to Practice forms at the EMT – Paramedic level.

Recommendation from the Special Operations Lieutenant or EMS Director

Pass the physical fitness standards at outlined in the special operations manual.

LRO Competency Assessment

LRO Task Book

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