Local Public Safety Emergency Healthcare Planning

Here are a list of actions that have taken place at Washington County EMS to help combat Coronavirus/COVID-19:

  • We have implemented inventory control measures for COVID-19 PPE.
  • We have received a recent shipment of PPE (including N95 masks)
  • We have implemented PSAP/ 911 Communications pre-screening questions for all 911 and nonemergency calls that EMS is dispatched to.
  • We have implemented PPE Conservation policies regarding PPE according to CDC/DSHS guidelines.
  • We have contingent policies and ongoing planning regarding “Alternate Response Models” for COVID-19 calls (request).  Using our rural response districts / ACP’s as the conduit.
  • We have already implemented policies to reduce the emergency (first responder) response to 911 calls for COVID-19 “suspected” or “PUI’s”.  When possible the policy will require a “1 unit response”.
  • We have performed a STARR request to TDEM for a “Covid-19 PPE package”
  • The EMS Department has implemented a higher unit decontamination process using the Zimek Decon Unit that was awarded by the US Dept of Homeland Security in 2015.
  • We have engaged our healthcare partners at Baylor S&W on the best use of our county maintained Mobile Medical Unit (MMU).
  • We are continuing daily DSHS, Region, CDC, Emergency Management Colleagues, and Regional Medical Operations Center planning meetings.
  • Washington County EMS has coordinated a regional “EMS Chiefs” communication sharing tool for instant communication between the pre-hospital providers in the region for best practices and resource sharing. Rest assure your regional providers are on the same page with PPE, transportation, ventilator use/inventory, etc…
  • Washington County has closed the courthouse “Annex” building to the general public.
  • Washington County has closed the fairground “Annex” building to the general public.
  • Washington County has instituted mandatory employee and public screening stations for all courthouse and courthouse annex employees prior to admittance into the courthouse.
  • Washington County OEM in conjunction with Faith Mission, the City of Brenham, and the Brenham ISD has coordinated a Pandemic Resource Center that be contacted at 800-845-8035. This resource will be a one-stop-shop for all information needed regarding the pandemic and its effects here locally.
  • Washington County EMS is working in conjunction with the Joint Information Center to assist in reporting quick, accurate data to the community. The JIC is also a resource for our Assisted Living Facilities, Faith Based Organizations, Small Business Owners, etc. to ask questions and seek help. More information can be found here: bit.ly/covidwctx.
  • PPE has been given to Assisted Living Facilities in need so that the employees and residents continue to receive the best possible care.
  • Washington County EMS and the JIC have been on many conference calls with multiple agencies of every level to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our community, and help fill needs of our local organizations.
  • Washington County EMS suggested to Senator Kholkhorst to have a “task force” team come in to help local facilities in need on April 23rd.
  • A video press conference was released in order to keep the public informed of the latest events within the county. Listen here: Click here to watch.
  • Anotehr video press conference was released in order to keep the public informed of the latest events within the county. Click here to watch.
  • Washington County worked with state and local partners as well as the Texas Military Department to provide a free, one-day drive-thru test collection site on Sunday, May 3, 2020. A total of 108 tests were performed.
Zimek Micro-Mist Generator Overview