Once a year the three main Special Operations Divisions (Tactical, Technical, and Water Rescue) deploy into a real environment for a major field training exercise (FTX). The divisional FTX’s are designed to test the knowledge, skill sets, and general team work of the specialized training of each division in a practical yet in a learning and professional environment. The Department worked with the Oklahoma Department of Parks and Recreation to utilize facilities at Robbers Cave State Park in one of the most remote areas of Southeastern Oklahoma. The area is know to have more real rescues annually than the rest of the entire state. The years FTX is a two and half day exercise encompassing more than 25 hrs of direct hands on training and core competency testing. All rescue specialists complete the unrestricted day/night position task book (PTB) check-offs. Competencies included: rescuer rappel, ascending, change overs, mechanical advantage systems, proper anchoring techniques, stokes basket vertical and horizontal hoisting, inverted rappels, victim pick-offs, proper search techniques, etc… We have included a few pictures and videos on the site for your viewing.