Special Operations: Immunization

In the wake of September 11, 2001, Washington County EMS formed what is now known as the “Special Operations Division” of the county’s EMS Department. This division was formed in attempts to deal with the unfortunate and abnormal situations that are, at times, outside of the normal training of the Paramedic curriculum.

In 2003, due to the possibility of a bioterrorism incident occurring in our country, the WCEMS department partnered with the Texas Department of State Health Services (locally) to assist in the smallpox vaccination. Since this time numerous “white paper” studies have shown the effectiveness and ability of paramedics administering vaccines. The department administered vaccines to over 3,200 underserved children since the inception of the program.

Patient and Vaccine Information

Informed consent is required

Only a parent or legal guardian can consent for the immunization of a child (not a babysitter, not a grandparent, not a sibling, etc..) per Texas Family Code 32.001.

If there are any concerns about a patients vaccination schedule or eligibility, refer the patient to the local DSHS nurse or the patients primary care physician

Refer to the individual vaccine package insert for dosage information. Different vaccine manufactures will recommend different amounts of their product

Refer to the individual vaccine package insert for proper vaccine handling and storage recommendations. State requirement for ordering vaccines and the other TDSHS requirement must be adhered to.

Records of the patient eligibility screening form must be maintained on file for a period  of 3 years. If requested, the records must be made available the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Vaccines supplied to TDSHS and administered to a child who is eligible for the TVCP program may not be charged to the child or parent. However, administrative charges for paperwork filing or supplies (syringes, band aides, etc..) may be charged.

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To have the ability to perform our own (in-house) vaccines to existing and new hire employees

Ability to provide vaccinations to other public safety personnel if needed (police, fire, governmental officials, etc..)

Assist the public health agencies with mass vaccinations in lieu of a bioterrism or pandemic event

We are also a TVCP (Texas Vaccine for Children Provider) which enables us to provide “free” vaccines that are required by law for infants and school aged children.

Absolute Contraindications:

No live attenuated virus vaccines (MMR, varicella) are to be administered to the following patients:

  • Pregnant female patients, or females wo may become pregnant in the next three months.

  • Patients or close family contacts with cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, high dose steroid dependency, or AIDS.

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