Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Washington County

The County Office of Emergency Management and the Joint Information Center will be making a major pivot in regards to how we report, gather, and most importantly disseminate the information to our county residents. We will no longer be reporting the JIC dashboards of case count, active case count, hospitalizations, recoveries, etc…For several reasons, but primarily due to the Public Health Region 7 Offices’ inability to timely report to us all the numbers. Most importantly to us at this point in the pandemic is RECOVERIES. For this reason, and several others, we will direct the county constituents that go to our site for information to the DSHS State COVID reporting site, which can be accessed by clicking here.

The JIC and OEM will continue to trend all of our local data, hospitalization rate, population affected rate, burn rate of PPE, and may other important operational information. We believe this is important for verification, tactics, and probably even operations as we move through different phases of the pandemic.

Each phase of the pandemic will require is to make changes that can better report the most accurate data to you.

Texas DSHS COVID Dashboard