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The public expects a certain level of knowledge and skill from Washington County EMS personnel. Clinical competence and high standards are vital components in providing quality pre – hospital emergency medical care to the citizens and visitors who rely on our service. Washington County EMS has one mission and that is “To provide the best possible comprehensive EMS system, by: responding to its communities’ needs, preserving life, improving health, and respecting the stakeholders.” One must understand that our stakeholders’ starts with our employees.


Washington County believes we will never be greater than our vision and these philosophies must be taught and enforced daily. Through our steadfast values, professionalism, and clinical competency of our employees we truly believe our community will see us as the public servants we are as paramedics. 





Application Process

Our hiring process is extremely user friendly.  Our hiring process goal is to find the employee that best fits our model of department and to assure the candidates understand fully the mission of Washington County EMS. Click here for more information.


  The following links reveal the paperwork we recommend you have completed before the testing process.


Apply online

DPS Criminal Background Check


WCEMS Assumption of Risk

Hiring Packet

Third Rider (Non - Student)

Third Rider (EMT/Paramedic)




  • 95% Paid Healthcare for Employees
  • Excellent TCDRS Retirement System with 8 yr vestment
  • Discounty Healthcare for family / dependants
  • Double Time Pay for Holiday
  • Paid Vacation Leave
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Possibility for promotions
  • Longevity Pay









The training program is a complex management system with the goal of improving the department’s overall effectiveness, efficiency, and clinical practice. The program enhances the field training with daily on – the – job observations and feedback. The program is designed for employees who meet the Texas Department of State Health Services criteria for either licensed or certified EMT, EMT – I or Paramedic. Although EMS Professionals certified / licensed by the State of Texas received a thorough academic introduction to basic and advanced care procedures, the new employee cannot be expected to immediately function as an operationally and clinically experienced employee. We have developed a process to test the employees to make sure the patient is receiving the best care possible. The different areas of testing involve  RSI (rapid sequence intubation), Therapeutic Induced Hypothermia, CPAP, bypass, CricothyrotomyPain Management, and Thrombolytic administration to STEMI patients. Training is paramount within the department.  With our own in-house DSHS Approved Paramedic and EMT Academy we focus heavily on training and educating our staff.  The department through contractual obligations spends a large amount of time and money assuring the best possibly trained paramedics are taking care of our community.

Pay Structure

The Command Staff and Commissioners Court of Washington County has worked extremely hard to make Washington County a great place to work. Our goal is to be competitive in the region in regards to salary yet we also believe Public Safety Employees understand the nature of the profession when they apply. The City of Brenham and Washington County is an absolute amazing place to raise a family, start a career, and retire. Field Staff Paramedics work a 24/48 Schedule with automatic built in overtime accrual of anything over 40hrs worked in a work week.


2014 Pay Structure - PARAMEDIC @ $46,000/YR


Professional Stipend Incentive Pay (PSI)

The department with the assistance of Commissioners Court has worked extremely hard over the past 5 years to improve employee retention over the past 5 years.  Numerous things have been done to help combat this issue and as of today. We have improved Field Paramedic Retention by over 109% in five years.  We have improved Supervisor level retention by 170% over the same time period. The purpose of the professional stipend incentive pay is to do just that - Keep Employees at Washington County.  The programs return on investment (ROI) is nearly 3-fold at the present time.  PSI is based of the principles of a longevity pay, meaning its for services performed upon the completion of a given time period.  Completion of a given time period is key. It is not simply a reward for tenure.  Infact the PSI is for the above average employee.  There are several key factors in receiving the PSI such as participation in the departments' Health & Wellness Program, a minimum of 20pts on bi-annual objective evaluation, and have no disciplinary actions over the given time period. PSI is NOT a reward for just doing your job.  PSI currently available to employees:  Click HERE for more information on PSI Pay.


  • $2,500      -PARA II 
  • $1,200      -FTO
  • $1,200      -Special Operations Division Specialist 
  • $500         -Immunizations/ Safety Seat Tech
  • $500         -Land Rescue Operations
  • $500         -Water Rescue Operations (must have HAZMAT)
  • $500         -Tactical Paramedicine
  • $500         -HAZMAT Parmedic (must be in combination with another SOD area)
  • $2,500      -PARA III (ACP)


  • $9,900      -Total Available

Stipend Eligibility Form



 Christopher P. Smith

  Nathan Smith

 1875 Hwy 290 W

1875 Hwy 290 W

 Brenham, TX 77833

Brenham, TX 77833

 (979)277-6267 (979)277-6267

Applicants: Are you looking to practice good medicine and make a difference in the community? Apply now for a chance to join a team (family) with great equipment and protocols with the sole purpose to take care of patients!